Dear M.

If I could tell baby M anything to help “her” go through life, I would say:

1. Study the Bible as soon as you can; learn about Jehovah, put all these things in your heart & don’t let go.

2. Don’t get attached to your fleshly family,

Because eventually they will leave you behind when you make big decisions in your life. They won’t be in your life anymore, and the small instances when they are.. they will hurt you and leave you disappointed.

3. Even though you got hurt, even though the people you cared about the most hurt you in ways you won’t overcome for a long time.. don’t put up that wall around your heart. Don’t become that cold hearted person that life tries to turn you into. Conquer it, think of how others have it worse than you do.

4. Be grateful. Every breathe you take, every dollar you get to spend.. all of it is a gift you don’t deserve.

5. Talk to Jehovah. Talk to him constantly. He HAS to be your best friend, do NOT forget him. Do NOT put him in your back pocket. He is going to change your life, hold your hand as you go through this crazy life.

6. And lastly, girl push through. Push through adversity. Push through the little voice in your head that says you can’t do it. Push through when people hurt you. Push through the tears and the pain. Push through when you hurt yourself. Push through Marilyn,

please push through.

You have so much to live for, so much to do.





M ❤️




I have missed you.

Missed the way the sun warms my skin but the way the grass cools my toes.

Missed the way night comes late but the birds are up, nice and early. 


You are the start of endless warm days, all tangled up in one another.

I am looking forwarding to taking small trips, spending your days in my town’s local gems.

I want to spend your warm afternoons, working on my new little garden.

I am anxious to spend my warm nights getting lost in my crafts and planner.


Your heat will burn away my worries as I spend early mornings out in service. 

Your rays of sun will make it’s way into my heart and bring an air of attitude that is only found in your summer time.


Help me appreciate the little things in life that are easily taken for granted when you come around: the way the sun sets low, the people who want to enjoy what your season offers, and the blessings Jehovah freely gives during Convention season.

Remind me to count my blessings, to spend time with my loved ones, & pray for my daily anxieties to melt away.


Though your long days & scorching heat bothers some,

I promise to take advantage of all you have to offer and appreciate the small things that are only found in the days you bring.


M ❤️



Millions long for immortality who don’t know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.  – Susan Ertz

I live in a cozy house with one independent mom, two teenage girls, and two loving dogs.

I work for a Children’s Hospital, every week day from 6:30 AM to 3:00 PM.

During the week:

  • I work my tail off for people that unfortunately are pretty ungrateful.
  • help with household chores.
  • run errands.
  • study a little bit from the Bible each day.
  • and lastly, enjoy some me time.

So, weekends are what I look forward to as I tug through the trials of adult life.

A break, a refresher, a charge up.

Saturday’s are a service day. A day for fun. A day for shopping. A day for getting together. A day for partying.

But then comes Sunday.

It is said that Sunday’s clear the rust of the whole week. They cleanse, refresh, and leave unthinkable amounts of opportunity open.

Sundays for me are exactly that. A restart button to a horrible week. A cleanse from stressful tasks that were already completed. A spiritual refresher after a beautiful Sunday Watchtower study.


You provide the slow and steady pace that I wish I had everyday. You provide a peace of mind that washes over me in a way I crave every week.


You remind me of simple times and simple thoughts. You remind me to sit and count my blessings. You remind me to talk to Jehovah about what I have accomplished and what I strive to do.


You are a blessing in disguise and I will continue to look forward to your calm presence and quiet moments.

See you in a week.


M ❤




Time changes all things. February changes people. You change.


Your 28 days, came and were gone.


A time for: Binging. Smiling. Planning. Crying. Working. Celebrating. Dancing. Studying. Caring. Changing.


You & I February,

We attended a baby shower. We cried about a relationship that has been over for years. We bought a new planner. We watched movies all night. We said No to my boss. We went Salsa dancing at a nightclub. We rexamined a few friendships. We grew.


You shut doors right on my face and opened new ones. As you changed slowly but surely into March, I could feel the excitement bubble in me. I know that a new month means a new day, new adventures, and new choices. You taught me so much.


As I sit here and reflect on our time together, I realize it is time to say farewell to you.

But do not worry about me, I am continuing on my journey.

Excited to welcome March, with open arms.


M ❤




  • A state of happiness and satisfaction

word of the year.

2016 was when I finished up my first year at my job.

2016 was a year of trying to find out who I really am.

I spent money, emotions, and time on people I wanted to love.

Same goes for places and things I tried.

2016 was a year to try what I never dared to before.

I searched. I found. I got hurt. I loved. 

But in the end, what did I really find?


Money? Time? People?

An abundance of these things mean nothing. I searched for what would make me happy. It wasn’t a room full of people. It wasn’t inserting my credit card in the chip machine. It wasn’t days of nothing.

I found happiness in the simplicity of having a cup of coffee in a quiet house while reading my daily text.

I found happiness in sitting on a cliff, sharing a bag of Trader Joe’s dried mangos with people I had just met.

I found happiness in setting up a Travelers Notebook to document all aspects of life.

I found happiness in taking my dog on walks through the neighborhood.

I found happiness in getting to assembly early to talk to one older sister who had enough stories to share for the rest of my life.

So 2017?

I welcome 2017 with open arms as long as it is a journey to find contenment.

2017 will be a year to simplify. A year to be content with what I have. A year to love those who love me.

Simplify. Whether it is materially, financially, or emotionally.

I have things to start with already. I know what makes me happy:

  • Jehovah (the Bible)
  • The people I love
  • Coffee
  • Exploring
  • Writing

I searched in 2016.

And what I found will follow me into 2017,

To make me happy.

To make me peaceful.

To make me content.

Hello 2017.

Treat me well.


M ❤️

Here is the first of many…

Here is the first of many…

My first blog post.

I am still not too sure why I wanted to start a blog. Impulse maybe? Or it may have started when I was sitting in my dining room and a conversation started up of whether therapy is something that really helps people or if it’s just somewhere you can pay to be listened too.

As the conversation went on, everyone involved came to agree on one thing. Whether we thought therapy was beneficial or not (there were very different opinions and thoughts on this subject. Maybe it’s something to discuss in a future blog post…), we all agreed that having an outlet to express/share your thoughts and emotions is extremely important.

If you know me personally, you already know that I am very guarded with my personal life and tend to not share more than I feel is most necessary (whether that’s in peron or in writing). But as I browsed through online articles and other blogs I found, I thought maybe in writing it would be easier to share the things I like, what weighs heavy in my heart, or just the first thing that pops up in my mind (BEWARE, many brain dumps may occur).

So whether this is the last blog post you will read of mine or you have decided to join me on this new adventure,

I hope my thoughts, adventures, and whatever else seems fit to share is as therapeutic and healing for you as I hope it will be for me.